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Ignorance About Satanism Prompts Stereotypical Knee-jerk Reactions

October 4, 2014

[20141004 – 180 with Bob on KAYA FM – “Satanic groups have approached the MEC of Education in Gauteng to suggest that satinism should be offered as a religious subject in schools. Do you think it’s a fair request or are we taking our democratic rights too far?”

Following posted in response to the article and the comments on the article.]

“Freedom of religion” means just that. And how can people continue to condemn a religion when they DON’T understand the first thing about that religion?

Those of you saying here that Satanism teaches people about human and animal sacrifice have just PROVED that you know NOTHING about the subject at all.

If you want to know more about Satanism as a religion, then get EDUCATED – and by that I mean ask a Satanist, don’t waste your time reading Christian material on the subject because it is biased and full of misrepresentation.

Would you read Nazi material to try to understand Jewish people?

I recommend the following website as a reliable source of information on the subject of Satanism and false information being spread by Christian fundamentalist elements.

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