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The following individuals have contributed their time, resources and effort to the Alternative Religions Forum as participating members and also to the ARF’s SRA Debunking Project:

(In alphabetical order:)

  • Bronwyn Katzke [material contributor: Paganism, also Pagan activist]
  • Ceytin De Beeste [consultant: Satanism]
  • Christina Engela [chief researcher, compiler, website admin]
  • Damon Leff [material contributor: Paganism, also Director of the SA Pagan Rights Alliance (SAPRA)]
  • Francisco Fumarola [material contributor: Paganism]
  • Kay Valkir Noctem [consultant: Vampyre subculture]
  • Logan Young [consultant: Satanism]
  • Morgausse Fonteleve [consultant: Paganism, also CEO SA Pagan Rights Alliance (SAPRA)]
  • Octarine Valur [material contributor: Vampyre subculture, also Regent of the SA Vampyre Alliance (SAVA)]
  • Psion Valur De Nocte [consultant: Vampyre subculture]

The following individuals (non-members of the ARF) have contributed materials and information to the ARF’s SRA Debunking Project:

(In alphabetical order:)

  • Diane Vera [material contributor, Satanism+ owner: Theistic]
  • Dr. D.J. Williams, MSW, PhD, Assistant Professor of Social Work, Sociology & Criminal Justice at Idaho State University.
  • John W. Morehead [MA in Intercultural Studies from Salt Lake Theological Seminary, Director of the Evangelical Chapter of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy and Director of the Western Institute for Intercultural Studies]
  • Magus Etu Malku [material contributor, Luciferianism+ founder: The Herald of the Dawn + member: The Ordo Luciferi]
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