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Q. What is The Alternative Religions Forum?

A. The group was formed in March 2013 by a number of individuals and community based organizations concerned about the rise in Satanic Ritual Abuse claims, misinformation, misrepresentation and related hysteria in South African civil society and media.

Q. What is the Alternative Religions & Subcultures Demystification Project?

A. This is “The Alternative Religions & Subcultures Demystification Project” – a document which is intended to clarify misunderstandings about alternative or non-mainstream religions or sub-cultures which are frequently being conflated with Satanism; and to clarify confusion around Satanism as a religion itself. The website makes the contents of the project  globally accessible to anyone anywhere with internet access.

Q. There are plenty of sites on the interwebs that give information on Satanic Ritual Abuse and Satanism, isn’t this just unnecessary duplication?

A. No. There are loads of sites giving information on the internet, but none are as comprehensive and complete as this one.

Q. Has this ever been done before?

A. No, there has never been another project quite like this one. No other SRA clarification document has included or aspired to include references and endorsements from representative bodies in various religious or subcultural minority communities before.

Q. What sets this document and website apart from others?

A. The material compiled and contributed that is in the document and on this site was contributed, critiqued or verified by representatives of various religious and subcultural groups that are frequently the target of SRA pundits, making the sections on their particular religions or subcultures more than reasonably accurate and much more representative of the true facts. The document is also endorsed by various authority figures within these groups, to emphasize this.

Q. Who actually wrote the ‘STAT Document’?

A. The material gathered from research as well as submitted by contributors was sorted and compiled into the STAT Document by , Christina Engela, the chief researcher for the Alternative Religions Forum, who put it all together in a way that made sense. She also wrote a lot of additional argument or explanations herself.

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