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What Can I Do To Help?

“I see Pagans say “perhaps one day our religion will be taken seriously and we won’t be seen as Satanists anymore”. The only people who confuse you for Satanists are those who don’t know anything about either Paganism or Satanism. They won’t learn anything about you other than that, like Christians, even Pagans share prejudicial perceptions about Satanists. Ignorance is no excuse for prejudicial bias!” – Damon Leff, Director of the SA Pagan Rights Alliance.

This project and its main document works to provide education on Pagan religion and Satanist religion and also to clarify the difference between them and the hysterical nonsense many Christians believe (and are spreading) about them. One way to get the truth out there and to educate people, is to pass this on by posting links to the site, linking to the STAT document, quoting or referring to it in responses to hysterical and biased reporting in the press and media, or by passing the STAT document itself around via email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.


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