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Material Contributed By:

  • Bronwyn Katzke
  • Christina Engela (chief researcher & compiler for the ARF)
  • Damon Leff
  • Diane Vera
  • D.J. Williams
  • Francisco Fumarola
  • John W. Morehead
  • Merticus Stevens
  • Octarine Valur


  • Name of article: “Social Work, BDSM and Vampires: Toward Understanding and Empowering Vulnerable, Invisible Communities”, author Dr. D.J. Williams, published in Canadian Social Work, Volume 15 Number 1, Fall 2013. Copyright: Canadian Association of Social Workers.

Project Co-ordinators: Octarine Valur, Damon Leff, Christina Engela

Researchers: Christina Engela, Bronwyn Katzke, Francisco Fumarola

All material in this document other than material quoted within, copyright of The Alternative Religions Forum 2013 ©. Copyright of quoted referenced materials remains with their original copyright holders.
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