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A Few Examples

  • 20131021 – “Cape teen beheaded in ‘satanic ritual’” – (In an article about a recent murder in Cape Town area, a journalist includes a list of “recent satanist killings” mentioning two other recent “legend tripping” crimes in a way that suggests that they are all related to an ‘increase in Satanism’. The article is rife with speculation.)
  • 20131022 – SABC News Online – “Satanism in South African schools is on the rise and incidents of that has puzzled communities. A learner was sentenced to 10 years for the murder of a friend in Randfontein. Three men and a minor are in court connection with the so-called satanic ritual killing of Kirsty Theologo. Yesterday a 17-year old Cape Town learner appeared at the Bellville Magistrate’s Court for an alleged satanic murder case of a 15-year-old from Ravensmead. Recently distressed learners and educators at Moreri Secondary school in Tseoge Village West of Vryburg in North West are plagued by what is believed to be satanic attacks. There is a visible trend, with the consequences more than just alarming. In our Bloemfontein Newsroom we are joined by the Director of AUKSANO Johan de Beer. They are a trauma centre that counsel people involved in sub-cults including Satanism and devil worshiping.“AUKSANO is at it again – being quoted as if they are “experts” in anything but hysterical Christian evangelicalist propaganda. If they were in any way “experts” they would be able to tell the difference between 1) actual religious Satanism, other Occult religions and 2) mythical, media-created “legend tripping” and ordinary crimes as what they are referring to as “a spike in acts of Satanism”. Time and again these people demonstrate that they don’t know what they are talking about – they are BIASED self-proclaimed “experts” who have NO experience with REAL occult religions, but are simply stooges who have been taught what Christian ignorance believes about other religions, and who foster the “satanic panic myth” as frauds and charlatans and propagandists playing to an ignorant public eager to swallow their improvable conspiracy theories. That the media plays to this tune is irresponsible and repulsive at best, and results in the public impression that these “experts” are correct and that adherents of occult religions are indeed dangerous and immoral people to be feared, suppressed – and for all intents and purposes, destroyed.
  • 2013-10-20 Teenager arrested in alleged satanic murder More rampant speculation being shielded by the use of that magical word “alleged”… WHAT “satanic paraphernalia” was found at the teen’s home? A couple of Harry Potter books perhaps? Or a bottle of black nail varnish? Why do the police seem so eager to blame “satanism” when actual religious Satanism doesn’t promote the idea of killing anyone – but only the form of “satanism” created by their religious zealotry in their own minds, does? Why are they so keen to consider “satanism” as a motive for violent crimes when the LOGICAL alternative is to investigate first mental illness and second whether the perpetrator is simply a “legend tripper” who swallowed their own lies about what actual Satanism “is”? No, it seems to be far more convenient to go on fueling conspiracy theories about “satanism” spreading among the youth like some sort of immoral violent cancer… They would sooner encourage reactionary conservatives to clamp down on religious freedoms rather than address the REAL issue – that the SAPS and Christian evangelicalists are spreading false information about what Satanism and Occult religions ARE, and thereby creating their own self-fulfilling prophecy in all the misguided individuals who believe them and come to embody the myth.
  • 2013-10-11 Teen ‘satanist’ jailed for killing friend The perpetrator was not a Satanist! It is ABUNDANTLY clear from evidence led during the trial that she and her group got their ideas from Christian horror-fantasy about the occult which was created, spread, and reinforced by the Media in a phenomenon known as Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) hysteria. Despite this, the press still continues to conflate media-created ‘satanism’ with real Satanism as a religion as if they are one and the same thing, when nothing could be further from the truth.
  • 2013-10-07 Teen charged for mom’s death ‘under love spell’ Murders and other criminal acts are often connected by the press to the media-manufactured SRA hysteria, typically without a shred of evidence at all, and often with nothing more tangible than a mere hint or mention of something relating to the supernatural as its basis. The only reason this article turned up on News24 was, apparently, to push the idea that a “love spell” (not actually brought up in court, but allegedly mentioned by relatives of the deceased) is responsible for the younger woman’s actions – and in short, sensationalism. The claim, if forming part of a defense, wouldn’t be entertained in a proper court for a microsecond, but it helps sell papers AND helps shape ignorant public opinion against those darned scheming Witches and “Satanists” hiding in the garden hedges plotting our demise.
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