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20140219 The Soweto Double Murders

Suddenly a dead body, rebellious teenagers, a few candles and ordinary household items such as unused razor blades become “hallmarks of a Satanic killing”. That is not police work at all, it’s a witch hunt.

Comments below the following two articles.

February 19, 2014 –  Wednesday

Occult unit investigates Soweto double murders by Yadhana Jadoo and Alex Mitchley

“Two Soweto families have described their heartache after receiving the shocking news of the death of two best friends, who were allegedly murdered in a veld in Dobsonville, Soweto.

The blooedied bodies of Cwayita (Happiness) Rathazwayo, 15 and Thandeka Moganetsi, 14, were in close proximity of each other and were dressed in their George Xhosa secondary school uniforms. Brigadier Neville Mailila said the Occult Investigation Unit was on the scene as to look into the possibility that Satanism may have played a role into the killings.

Both girls were found in a ditch in the veld with their school bags near the bodies. Police say that there were multiple lacerations on both of the victims. “They were found with cuts to the body and the neck. Three black candles and two new razor blades were found on the scene,” said Mailila.

A pathologist on scene said that there were razors found in the proximity of the murdered girls but there appeared to be no blood on the razors and a knife was most likely used in the murders. The victims were best friends, said Moganetsi’s grandmother Elizabeth Potsanyane, who she had been living with since her daughter’s death in 2007. She said she was consumed by anger over Moganetsi’s failure to return from school yesterday afternoon. “This morning I was waiting with a knobkerrie saying I wanted to hit her. I could never stay with a child that controls me. I said, today, somebody has to prove who is a parent in this house. As I prepared myself for her arrival, the call came from the police, to say she is dead.”

She could not believe the news upon her arrival at the veld, situated in close proximity to a residential area. Rathazwayo and Moganetsi “never left each other’s side. They were always together,” she said. Pheliswa Rathazwayo, Cwayita’s mother, was hardly able to speak and described her daughter as a “good child” with hopes and aspirations of becoming a lifeguard after school. “She was a professional swimmer… she loved school.” Pheliswa only heard of her daughter’s death when she arrived at the scene. She heard Cwayita’s name being whispered amongst the gathered crowd. It was then that she broke down, falling to the ground.

Police spent the better part of the day combing the scene for evidence as a crowd gathered, but after both bodies were removed, the crowd dispersed and the families left. Police say at this stage, there are no suspects and ongoing investigations will hopefully reveal suspects and motive. The SAPS is appealing for anyone with information to come forward and contact Crime Stop at 08600 10 111 or SMS information to Crime Line at 32211.”

So it is an ‘occult murder’ before they even know anything about the case, and simply because there were black candles and UNUSED razor blades found at the scene. At the very end it even says nothing is known and there are no known suspects and they appeal to the public for help – yet the SAPS are jumping to conclusions about the nature of the murder and already pinning it on a religious minority group they know nothing about but revile anyway.

Oddly enough the grandmother explaining how she was laying in wait for one victim to return home, wanting to assault her with a knobkierrie (wooden cane with a knob on the end) appears to pass without any comment. Surely this is indicative of possible child abuse in the home circumstances of at least one of the victims, presenting one possible scenario explaining why the children did not return home the previous day?

Occultism suspected in teenagers’ deaths – ENCA

“SOWETO – A special task team is investigating the murders of two teenage girls in Dobsonville, Soweto. The girls, who attended George Khoza Secondary School, were last seen yesterday on their way to school. They had cuts on their faces and body, and one girl had been stabbed in the stomach.

Police suspect these might have been ritual killings, as black candles and razor blades were found at the crime scene. As such, the SAPS’s occult crime scene specialists have been brought in to assist with the investigation.”

No arrests have yet been made.

Government saddened: The killing of the two schoolgirls has deeply saddened the government, the Government Communication and Information System’s acting chief executive said on Wednesday. “Criminal activities in any form will not be tolerated in the country,” Phumla Williams said in a statement.

Neither of the girls, aged 15 and 16, were reported missing, Warrant Officer Kay Makhubela said earlier. Williams said government was confident that law enforcement would do everything possible to bring the killer or killers to justice.

Government has put in place systems such as the Constitution, supporting legislation, policies and programmes aimed at fighting crime in our country.

She appealed to the public to work with authorities to help find those responsible. Earlier, Makhubela said the teenagers were still dressed in their school uniforms when their bodies were found.”

February 20, 2014 –  Thursday

By the very next day, the sensationalist press has already slipped into 5th gear and the isolated incident of two teenage girls murdered in the bush has suddenly become a potential “occult crime epidemic” in the making, with unsubstantiated claims from hysterical teenage school girls that the two victims had tried to join a “satanic cult” and had been “sacrificed” by that group and that they “fear being next”.

No attempts are made to distinguish speculation from the supplied facts of the case – which are unsurprisingly ethereal.

Occult unit probing girls’ murders  – News24

“Johannesburg – The police’s occult unit is investigating the murders of two schoolgirls, who were found in Dobsonville on Wednesday surrounded by candles and razors.

Friends of the girls, Thandeka Moganetsi, 14, and Chwayita Rhathazwayo, 16, believe they were murdered in a satanic ritual, and fear they could be next, eNCA reported on Thursday.

The friends told eNCA they believe three people at their school who are apparently involved in satanism are responsible. However, police say no arrests have yet been made.

The girls went missing after school on Tuesday. They were found on Wednesday, still in their school uniforms.

The Star reported on Thursday that the two schoolgirls were inseparable. Friends believe the girls were meant to join a satanic group, and were sacrificed when one of them refused to join.

Chwayita was a member of the provincial swimming team. Her tearful mother told the newspaper that the family started looking for her when she did not return home on Tuesday.

Thandeka was an orphan, and Chwayita apparently wanted her family to adopt her.

Thandeka’s grandmother told The Star that she thought her granddaughter had gone to a friend’s home after school, adding that her behaviour had changed recently.”

Satanic killings: Friends fear they might be next – ENCA

“JOHANNESBURG – Friends of two murdered Soweto schoolgirls on Wednesday said the teenagers were killed as part of a Satanic ritual.

The bodies of the teens, aged 14 and 16, were found in a ditch in Dobsonville. Police said no one has been arrested yet.

Chwayita Rhathazwayo and her friend Thandeka Moganetsi were last seen alive on Tuesday morning.

Their friends claimed they know who is behind the deaths. They also said the girls were killed as part of a Satanic ritual and are worried they maybe next.

“There are three of them. It’s two guys and a girl (and) they’re part of Satanism. And the teachers even know about it,” said a friend, crying.

This is apparently not the first Satanism-linked killing at the school this year. Another death reportedly took place last month.

The girls’ relatives are also convinced this was a ritual killing. 

“Friends are telling us what’s happening there at school and I think Chwayita and her friend did join Satanism because the way they killed them, it’s a Satanism style,” said Chwayita’s aunt, Noxolo Mphati.

The Education Department said it was providing support to the school, while police said they had opened two murder cases.

“What we found at the crimes scene were, we found candles, black candles at the crime scene as well as razor blades. That ultimately suggests that there might be some ritual, you know, some ritual murder involved, so we’ve also brought out our crime, our all-code crime scene experts to come,” said police spokesperson Neville Malila. -eNCA”

Yes of course – black candles are “always” indicative of some kind of satanic ritual – that’s why shops like Mr Price Home, Boardman’s, Spar and others sell them readily to anyone bored with the same old boring white candles. (Sarcasm intended).

Surely then, by this logic, if someone buys a set of black candles at the local Woolies, and on the way home they are involved in a fatal car accident, then this accident should become a “satanic auto killing” purely on the merit of the black candles in the possession of the driver? How many murder accused are arrested with a crucifix, or a Bible being found in their homes – yet they are not labelled “Christian killer” by the press? But should a set of horror movies, some hard rock CD’s, or black candles be discovered, then they are automatically “satanists”.

By mid-day on Thursday, media speculation appears to hit on something more concrete than the tired old “occult murder” conspiracy theory: that the two girls likely committed suicide. It would appear that the media may have been doing more thorough investigation than the ORC, who appear to still be fixated on the three black candles and unused razor blades while paying too much attention to hysterical teenage fantasies about satanic conspiracies at their school.

Suicide Suspected in Soweto Teens’ Death – SA Breaking News

“Johannesburg – The two girls found dead in a field in Dobsonville, Soweto this week may have committed suicide, reported the City Press on Wednesday.

The mother of one of the two girls told the City Press that the two, who were inseparable, tried to kill themselves last year. Pheliswa Thathazwayo told the paper she believes the last straw may have been an argument she had with her daughter, Chwayitha, on Wednesday before she went to school. The two were apparently arguing over a proposal to adopt Chwayitha’s best friend, Thandeka Moganetsi, who was an orphan. Pheliswa reportedly told her daughter she could not afford to adopt and take care of her friend.

Moganetsi also reportedly threatened suicide last month. In a letter to her grandmother she asked to go live with her deceased father’s family in KwaZulu-Natal. She was reportedly said she was being badly treated by the family members she was staying with.

“Thandeka was a very troubled and stubborn child. When she wrote that letter I thought she was just trying to make me feel bad and never paid much attention to it,” her grandmother was quoted as saying.

Police said they cannot yet confirm nor rule out the possibility of suicide:

“It is difficult to say what the cause of death is at this stage because the autopsy has not yet been conducted,” said warrant officer Kay Makhubela.

The girls were found dead on Wednesday, with lacerations on their hands and necks. They were found in their school uniforms with their school bags close by. Three black candles and razors were also reportedly found near the bodies.”

Of course, as has happened before with other cases, elements in the media and law enforcement may attempt to connect the suicide (if this was indeed a suicide) with some kind of sensationalist claim that it “could have been a suicide pact with the Devil”. This will naturally boost their ratings and sales since news media are no longer about reporting facts, but about making money – and the more interest they generate (even by disseminating pure fiction or blatant lies) the more money they make.

At this time however, indications were such that this is an open-and-shut case of suicide resulting from the home circumstances of one girl and the co-miseration of the other, with little if anything at all to do with “satanism” – mythical or otherwise.

Not an hour later, another article appears pressing the “Satanism is killing our kids and even the teachers know about it” angle, while also reporting that two 16 year old boys from the same school had been arrested in connection with the case.

Two boys arrested for teen girls’ murder – Destiny Connect

“A day after two Sowetan teens were murdered in what appears to have been a satanic ritual-related killing, police have made two arrests

The boys, both aged 16, were arrested at a local school, SAPS’ Brigadier Neville Malila said in a statement.

Best friends, Thandeka Moganetsi and Chwayita Rathazayo, aged 15 and 16, were found dead in an open vlei in Dobsonville on Wednesday morning. Brigadier Malila said they were dressed in George Xhosa Secondary School uniforms and had cuts on their hands and necks.

It is alleged that that the teenagers told fellow pupils they wanted to join a satanic group and apparently even teachers at the school knew about their plans.

Moganetsi’s grandmother Elizabeth Potsanyane says that when her granddaughter did not come home on Tuesday, she did not suspect any foul play as she presumed the teen was sleeping at a friend’s house. “I can’t believe it. Who would kill Thandeka in such a manner? There were days she never came back home from school. She told me that she was busy with assignments or that she was helping friends with school work,” The Star Newspaper quoted the elderly lady as saying.

Three black candles and two new razor blades were found on the scene, fuelling the widespread belief that the murders were related to a satanic ritual. The police’s occult investigation unit has been called in.

The boys would appear in the Protea Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

Sources: Sapa, The Star”

What does seem apparent at this point is that the ORC and SAPS seem to be paying far too much attention to the tales of hysterical over-religious children and their superstitious fantasies, repeating their claims in print without any apparent discretion.

Whether or not the two boys arrested turn out to have anything to do with the deaths at all will be a definite point of interest – and if so – what the motive and methodology would have been. Of course, the press is likely to go right on punting this tragedy as a “satanic ritual killing”.

February 21 2014 at 07:47am

‘Satanic’ arrests: Boy taken to crime scene By Kutlwano Olifant – The Star

Johannesburg – Police escorted a schoolboy arrested for the alleged murder of two Soweto schoolgirls to the crime scene on Thursday in what is believed to have been a pointing-out exercise.

The boy was still dressed in his George Khoza Secondary School uniform when he arrived in one of the convoy of four police cars in Dobsonville just after lunch.

The boy is one of two arrested after the bodies of Thandeka Moganetsi, 14, and Chwayita Rathazayo, 15, were discovered in a stretch of veld on Wednesday morning.

A woman, who witnessed the convoy arrive with a team from The Star, said:

“It is sad what these kids did. They look small. It was the devil in them… This is horrible.”

The woman, who lives in the neighbourhood, said the police had brought the other alleged accomplice with them earlier in the day.

Copy of st p1sec satanic killing05.JPG.JPG (40166640)
Warrant officer Kay Makhubela shows residents animal bones found in a yard in Soweto.

The George Khoza Secondary School boys were arrested Thursday morning at the school after the police had received a tip-off.

Police spokesman Brigadier Neville Malila said the boys were in custody in a place of safety and could not be released into the custody of their parents as they were accused of a serious crime.

On Thursday morning, furious residents surrounded another house in Dobsonville, insisting that human bones were buried in the yard. Police found only animal bones.

Residents insisted the bones were human and were related to satanic rituals.

About 500m away from the angry residents and teachers, Thandeka’s neighbours and relatives began arriving to pay their condolences.

The teen’s great-grandmother, Elizabeth Potsanyane, told The Star that Thandeka had previously written a letter threatening to kill family members.

“She gave me the letters, demanding to go to KwaZulu-Natal to her father’s relatives. This was after I had discovered that money was missing in my bank cards.

“She had withdrawn at least R15 000 from my bank account dating back from February last year,” she said.

She added that the reason she did not have a cellphone was because Thandeka had stolen it and sold it.

The 77-year-old described Thandeka as a “naughty girl” who was rebellious and liked being in friends’ company.

“She smoked, drank alcohol and partied a lot. She wouldn’t listen when she was reprimanded.

“She didn’t like it when she was given orders. She told me she wanted to go because she was treated well by her friend’s family.

“I told her I wouldn’t have any objections if she moved out. I told her it was her choice, and that if she really left, then she must not return,” Potsanyane said.

On Wednesday, Potsanyane went to identify Thandeka’s body at the Diepkloof mortuary. She said the girls wore a similar neck piece.

The family said Thandeka had a tattoo on her arm that they believed was linked to Satanism.

‘Don’t blame Satanism for violence’

Dr Chaundré Gould, a senior researcher from the Institute for Security Studies, has warned against using Satanism as a scapegoat for violent crimes.

“Even if it’s found there is some kind of religious angle to this, and there is no reason to believe this is the case, there is no reason to believe that similar crimes will follow,” she said.

In an online document written by the Alternate Religions & Subcultures Demystification Project, titled “Satanism: The Acid Test”, Satanism is often used as a scapegoat or a blanket excuse for violent crimes in South Africa.

“Satanism as a religion is very widely misunderstood by the general public, who are broadly ignorant of the various differences between the factions within Satanism as a religion,” the document reads.

“It is simply not accurate or reasonable to place the blame for such acts on the entire religion and all those who identify with it as is being done with Satanism.”

It goes on to explain that there are at least five distinct groupings under the umbrella of Satanism, with varying practices and beliefs.

“In most cases, crimes committed by individuals have absolutely nothing to do with the religion of the individual – if it were true, news headlines would read something like ‘Christian goes on the rampage’.”

The document also lists items commonly linked to Satanism, such as black candles.

“A big problem with general, broad and unfocused allegations such as these is the detail that ordinary household items, any number of which can be found in any average household, are being connected unrealistically to ‘Satanism’ or ‘occult practice’.”

And now the plot thickens, with the boys accused by an anonymous tip off being taken on a tour of the crime scene, in full view of the community which is already like a powder keg ready to explode into a witch hunt.

Residents in the area  insisting that animal bones found in a property are human bones, and the result of “satanism” – despite the police confirming to them that they are animal bones and nothing more.

This article also represents a turning point in this case since it is the first – the FIRST – in mainstream newspapers to include a reference to and quote from the STAT Document, giving an objective contextual brief on the kind of hysteria which seems to be gripping the media AND the local community affected by the deaths.

Monday February 24, 2014

Over the coming days, the majority of newspapers cease to use the word “satanism” in their headlines and articles about the case. No mention of Satanism by “Soweto teens arrive at court in shackles” – “Two teenage boys arrested in connection with the murder of two Soweto schoolgirls have arrived at the Protea Magistrate’s Court .” The same is visible in general.

One exception is IOL, which continues to do so steadfastly, despite it also having been included in the same advocacy scope of local activists (ARF, SAPRA etc). IOL still pushes the “Satanic” angle in their headlines, although the content of the article appear to be more objective: “Teens’ ‘satanic’ murder case postponed” (20140224).

“Johannesburg – Two teenage boys arrested in connection with the murder of two Soweto schoolgirls appeared in the Protea Magistrate’s Court on Monday. Magistrate Ugashnee Gangadu in the children’s court postponed the matter to Wednesday for further investigation. Proceedings were being held in camera as the boys, both 16, are minors. The teenagers had their feet chained together. They wore jeans and sweaters. Earlier, they had their faces exposed when they arrived in court. They used newspapers to hide their faces when they were led out of court. The two face murder charges after Thandeka Moganetsi, 15, and Chwayita Rathazayo, 16, were found dead in a field in Dobsonville last week. The girls were dressed in George Khosa Secondary School uniforms and had cuts on their hands and necks. Three black candles and two new razor blades were found at the scene. One of Rathazayo’s school friends cried outside of court after seeing the boys. Rathazayo’s uncle, Phumzile Booi, said earlier that Rathazayo had marks on her hands and would hide them from the family. “She had marks, as if a sharp object was used on her arms… but she would not show them to anyone,” he said outside the court. Rathazayo was a good child, loved sport and competed in swimming at provincial level, he said. “She was obedient. She and Thandeka were very close. She actually wanted us to adopt her friend so that they could stay together.” Relatives of the boys refused to speak to journalists. The girls would be buried in Dobsonville on Tuesday.”


Oddly enough, the “constitutional protections” referred to by the SAPS in one of the articles, seem to be strangely and conveniently not applicable to the religious minorities frequently slandered in media, print and in public statements by the Press and SAPS, who frequently make sweeping generalizations accusing them of ritual abuses etc while wearing the inappropriate mantle of “experts” in occult religion and associated religious practices.

Where is the Constitution and its included protections when it comes to defending the rights of citizens who identify with occult religion?

Black candles are indeed used in some Satanic rituals and even a few Pagan rituals, but as records – both academic and otherwise can attest – Pagans and Satanists revere and cherish life, and their adherents have nothing to gain from any alleged “rituals” which involve the actual killing of another creature, human or animal. That privilege is reserved for ancient religious sacrificial rituals of Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, but that historical fact appears to be conveniently overlooked in the interests of sowing fear and distrust through the dissemination of false information and propaganda.

The irony in this is evident in every claim in print and digital media that comes forth each time pets go missing from homes due to dog fighting cartels and other mysterious circumstances, that this is due to “satanic activity” – claims which nobody making these wild careless allegations will ever substantiate with any kind of evidence or burden of proof of actual involvement or guilt on the part of the slandered religious groups, relying solely upon their community status earned as a result of their rather tenuous self-proclaimed “expertise” in occult religions  for believability.

There are groups around the world which disseminate slanderous material directed against people based on race and religious affiliation. If for example you were to read an article damning “occult religion” or “satanism” and replace “Satanist” with “Christian” or “Jew”, perhaps you would see the point. When a Christian commits a crime such as murder, even when the perpetrator is an avowed Christian, a minister etc – the criminal’s religion is not an issue and the crime is never publicized or investigated as “a Christian killing”. But let there be anything on the scene or in possession of the perpetrator which someone suspects of being related to another religion, a book, a cd, a movie, candles or other ordinary household items – and immediately the crime becomes an “occult crime” or a “satanic killing” because “occult paraphernalia” was found.

If this crime had indeed taken the form of any ritual, it was most definitely a made-up one – made up by the people who committed the crime – in which case it’s their own “make believe” form of “satanism”. That is a clear demonstration of the nature of “legend tripping”.

When people commit violent crimes based on belief systems relating to the occult – and so far the alleged evidence presented so far (black candles and unused razor blades found on the scene) is circumstantial and tenuous at best) the criminal perpetrators of these acts get their ideas of “what ‘satanism’ is” from the media and the police creating an inaccurate expectation – and then they go and act it out in real life. Faced with the resulting evidence the police occult “experts” then point this out to the media saying: “Look – that crime was committed by ‘Satanists’ – this is what Satanism and the occult is”.

And the cycle continues.

The business of the ORC and other Christian so-called “occult experts” is in applying spin to crimes of convenience and misinformation to turn them into a self-fulfilling prophecy which happens to support their agenda – and stereotyping and evangelism into an opportunity to suppress and persecute those in conflict with their own religious views.

People need to stop just accepting everything religious demagogues issue as “fact” and start thinking their way through the muddle of propaganda and disinformation being presented as fact.

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