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General Examples Of SRA Hysteria In Society

  • 20140222 – ACDP Includes vampirism, Satanism in its election manifesto speech, mentioning “children drinking their mother’s blood” and “friends receiving blood from friends”, “satanism in schools”. At the launch of its election manifesto, the ACDP leader used the threat of Satanism and Vampirism in schools to fear-monger attendees to vote for “change”. He said these practices were occurring because of policies put in place by the ANC government. From 1730 minutes in the video.
  • 20131013 – “Message Broadcast On BBM Messenger – Satanic Rituals Requiring Voice Messages” – This message started doing the rounds in October 2013 on Blackberry messenger:”Never pick up calls from 0800226655. they are using people for rituals from today till Dec 17,they just want your voice 4 their satanic rituals. send this message to people u care abt .please do it and save a life.“This is a striking example of propaganda intended to create panic and hysteria about Occult religions such as Pagans and Satanists and to incite prejudice and hatred against them based on ignorance and a willingness to believe in conspiracies and to foster paranoiac beliefs about the worst in other people. To set the record straight, there are no “Satanic rituals” that require the use of voice recordings. The premise for this hoax is really silly, even though it does incite fear and paranoia of religious minorities.The number doesn’t even work callers immediately get a beeping and a message saying “call failed”. But of course – you didn’t expect the originator of this nasty hoax to use a real working contactable number did you? It would actually have been a good prank if they used a real number linked to a phone that takes people directly to voicemail and featuring a deep booming voice welcoming the caller to Hell. “You have reached the voice mailbox, of Satan, the Prince of Darkness, god of this world – please leave a message after the tone” – with sound effects of damned souls crying out in anguish in the back ground. But the originator didn’t.

Religion In Public Schools/Public Venues: 

  • Many Christians generally don’t see any problem at all with Pagans and other alternative religions parents sending their kids to public schools that force Christian religion into the curriculum. Of course, parents do this because there are no alternative schools in their areas that provide secular education (as *should* be the case according to the Constitution since “the public” includes Pagans, Satanists, Muslims, Hindus, Jews etc)… all other religio-centric schools happen to be PRIVATELY OWNED – but for many years despite our ‘new’ Constitution, Christian religion has hijacked public educational facilities (ie SCHOOLS) as their own domain. Now imagine the furore if Christian parents had little option but to send their kids to a Wicca-focused public school… they would be drawing up petitions and protests left and right… but when adherents of minority religions complain about having a religion other than their own rammed down their throats, then they are “persecuting Christianity”. Victim-blaming. How quaint and unexpected. Isn’t it time we had a little equity and mutual respect for other people and their beliefs in the public domain?
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