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20140226 The SAPS Lie On Public Record About Engaging With SAPRA

20140226 – The South African Police Service in a public briefing today, stated that SAPS teams have engaged with the South African Pagan Rights Alliance (SAPRA) regarding an alleged increase in “harmful occult practices”. This is an outright lie.

At no time has any official in any formal capacity from the SAPS engaged in conversation with this Alliance, or responded to ANY correspondence submitted by this Alliance to the SAPS! This has been despite REPEATED attempts to coerce the SAPS to engage with the SAPRA as well as other bodies in a formal capacity by the Pagan community.

SAPS Lie on record

“A media conference addressed by the Deputy Provincial Commissioner, Detective Services, Tebello Mosikili addressed the media on the following issues. Family Violence and Sexual Offences Unit (FCS), investigations on pornography cases as well as an update on Satanic and Ritual cases.

“The investigators are doing awareness workshops that are being presented at various schools, churches, police stations and the Provincial Commander is also part of the committee of special projects from the office of the MEC of the Department of Education. The team engaged SAPRA (The South African Pagan Rights Alliance), SAPC (South African Pagan Counsel) which represent many cultic disciplines in South Africa. A network of prayer groups from different church denominations where establish to assist with the problems.”

The “workshop” content is also visible on the same page, where they highlight alleged “warning signs” of “dabbling in the occult”.  Most of the signs listed are ordinary teenage behavior, and the rest are indicative of psychological stress or other conditions or reactions to circumstances.

The ORC continues to list misinformation and present it at “workshops” and in digital and print media as though they have a clue of what they are talking about. The truth is that they are part of the problem by creating and spreading the myth that “Satanism is a belief system which leads to crime” and using the results of their own handiwork to justify their actions and continued existence.

Legend tripping behavior by people who believe their version of “created satanism” and acting this out is being presented as “evidence” that “satanism is on the increase”. It is hysteria based upon misinformation – and what makes it worse is the fact that this is being done DELIBERATELY by a select corps of Christian evangelicalists within the SA Police Service.

The continued attack on Occultism and Occult religions in South Africa by a government body is uncalled for,  unfair, unconstitutional and untrue – and it is continuing unchecked.

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