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Media Referenced In This Project

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Graphic videos for modern witch hunts in Africa:

In Nigeria, Christian pastor (Helen Ukpabio) who has made it her mission in life to hunt so-called “child witches” – and many children falsely accused of being “possessed” or being “witches” have been displaced or killed as a result of her religious zealotry:

Iraqi propaganda videos dating from 2009 fuel hysteria leading to the murder of an estimated 114 teenagers in February 2012 on accusations of being vampires, witches, gay – all under the misapplied label “emo”:

In this video by Thug Exposed, a Christian warfare ministry active in American gangster culture, focuses on what it calls “Satanist vampire cults”, even enlisting the aid of so-called “ex-vampires” or “vampire occult survivors”, who add their own brand of craziness to the SRA phenomenon:

Bill Schnoebelen recently claimed to be an “ex-vampire.” However, his own words demonstrate that he is a fraud, as he doesn’t know the difference between the Hollywood vampire and the vampire that some people in Europe still believe in, and real self-identifying Vampyres – let alone that there IS a difference:

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