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STAT Downloads

“Download this – STAT!”

The following items are available for download from this Project:

  • “Satanism: The Acid Test” ARF Project document PDF file V01.04 < 5 mb, 441 pages [last updated on 20210209]. This document contains a detailed analysis of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Hysteria in South Africa, as well as of the realistic situation on the ground, an in-depth look at the activities and effects of self-proclaimed “occult experts” and Christian warfare ministries in South Africa, and a detailed explanation of what various religions and subcultures present in South Africa are about from an INTERNAL point of view, and also clearing up the confusion between what they are and what propaganda claims they are.

Please check here for the very latest version of these documents. The version number of the document you have in your possession can be found on page 1.

All material in this document other than material quoted within, copyright of The Alternative Religions Forum 2013 ©. Copyright of quoted referenced materials remains with their original copyright holders.
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